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I'm the chronicler of Kendra Kandlestar and that Land of Een, tucked between the cracks of here and there.

How writing a story is like building a house

When I first started teaching creative writing to kids, one of the first classes I ever developed was “The Creative Carpenter.” It was more or less my way of trying to find a fun approach to teaching the formal elements … Continue reading

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The delicate business of killing characters

I will confess that I don’t really care for killing characters. It’s tricky business, especially when it comes to writing for children. After all, you’re inevitably killing someone’s favourite character. And kids tend to let you know about these things—and … Continue reading

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How to make your own mummy

This term I’m teaching an art history course for kids and next week is our unit on ancient art. That means we’re making our very own miniature mummies! I decided this weekend to try one out for myself and my … Continue reading

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Dragon eggs in Bangkok

I brought my popular “Dragon Eggs” workshop to my time as writer-in-residence at ELC school in Bangkok. We had some challenges with this activity—the power in the entire school went out, making it rather difficult to use the hot glue … Continue reading

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Book Parade in Bangkok

Today was a wonderful celebration of books at the ELC school in Bangkok where I’m currently working as writer in residence. Students and faculty dressed as a favourite literary character. Here’s just a few snapshots of some of the fabulous … Continue reading

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Crafting kingdoms and characters with kids at ELC school in Bangkok

Day 2 of my writer-in-residence experience at ELC school in Bangkok is in the books. Today was a really joy, as I was able to work with the students from day 1 and help them expand their worlds by designing … Continue reading

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