Discovering Emily Carr through books for children

So often, pictures speak better than words. Here at last are the photos I meant to include with my previous post. First, three books about artist Emily Carr: “Discovering Emily” and “Emily’s Dream,” my novels about Carr’s childhood, and “Emily Carr at the Edge of the World” illustrated by fellow CWILL member Maxwell Newhouse.
Next, is a photo of me reading at the Vancouver Art Gallery 2005 (my daughter is in the second row dressed like a young 19th c. Emily).
The last time I wore my period costume was for a visit to a grade two/three class on Vancouver Island. When I told the class that my skirt was over 100 years old, a boy exclaimed, “you’re over 100 years old!” I haven’t decided if I will wear the outfit again.

About Jacqueline Pearce

I am a writer (and occasionally, artist) living on the westcoast of Canada. I write novels, short stories and poetry for children and young adults. When I'm not at my computer, I explore the city, finding inspiration in hints of history, unexpected art, and glimpses of wild nature pushing up between the cracks. Sometimes, the resulting thoughts and haiku find there way onto my blog, "wildink."
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2 Responses to Discovering Emily Carr through books for children

  1. Heather says:

    Hooray for mastering the mysteries of posting photos! Can podcasts be far behind? Good review of the Emily Carr show, my favourite things were the hooked rugs because I had never seen them before. I think I first heard of Emily when we had to read Klee Wyck in Grade 4.

  2. Jacqueline Pearce says:

    I liked the rugs as well. One of the things I like about seeing Emily Carr’s work in person is that you can see her brush strokes and imagine her hands actually at work painting the canvas, hooking the rugs, forming the clay pots, etc. The personal and straight-forward tone of her writing also helps to make her a very real person.

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