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I’ll admit that, while I’m an author and I support reading, I also love watching a well-produced and written TV show. Sometimes it’s great to just sit on the couch, turn off the brain, and cuddle with the dog for an hour.

One of my favourite shows is written and produced by Susin Neilsen-Fernlund, a member of CWILL. That show is Alice I Think, which is based on the best-selling novels by local BC author Susan Juby. This show is not only uniquely Canadian, but it’s also entertaining with cross-border appeal.

There’s a poll going on to keep this show on the air. Add your name to the poll by clicking here!

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About jamesmccann

I grew up a reluctant reader, which basically means that adults thought I hated reading. Actually, though, I loved reading. I just didn't like the kind of books that adults thought I should like. I mostly read comics, and, thanks to a 3 day bus ride from Winnipeg to Kelowna that my family took every summer, I read dozens of comics. As a teen I became involved in Dungeons and Dragons, which gave me the tools necessary for story-telling. I used maps and pictures as a source of inspiration; a technique I still use today. From this I discovered a love for reading, and devoured everything fantasy. Now a resident of Vancouver, I write novels for teens. In 2005 I took on the role of VP for CWILLBC (Children's Writers and Illustrators of BC), and in 2006 I became their President. I'm still best known for my popular map-making workshop, and secondly for my ability to change reluctant readers into avid readers. My work can be seen in the Canadian Children's Book News, and on the shelves of bookstores in Canada, the US and Australia.
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