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I came across a link on drawn.ca today to a podcast about children’s books. How wonderful is that? The podcast is called Just One More Book and the most recent interview, as of today, is with author Rachna Gilmore (coincidentally my studio walls are currently covered with the finished and almost finished illustrations of one of her upcoming picture books). The next interview down is with author, illustrator and CWILL BC member Lee Edward Fodi.

I’m subscribing to the podcast right now.

EDIT: ooh ooh! I have to add – I’ve just come across a review of Alphabetter (Jan 17 ’07) written by Dan Bar-el, another CWILL BC author. Fantastic!



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3 Responses to Just One More Book ~ Podcasts

  1. Mark Blevis says:


    Thank you so much for the kind words and for helping to spread the word about Just One More Book! Welcome to our community.

    We would be thrilled to hear about one of your favourite children’s books and what makes it so special for you. If you can send us an audio recording, type-written review, of send us a voice message (all details are on our site, http://www.justonemorebook.com), we will include it in one of our listener review shows.


  2. kirsti says:

    I’d love to! And thank you for your wonderful podcasts. It’s really fantastic to hear from the authors, illustrators and editors etc – it’s great to hear the thoughts behind the pages.

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