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Just One More Book

When I’m working on the illustrations for a book I like to listen to podcasts. And what better podcasts to listen to than those of Just One More Book. I’ve mentioned the Just One More Book site in a previous post, but feel compelled to mention it again as, at the time, I hadn’t had a chance to really listen to any of them in depth. Since then I discovered, among others, a series of interviews with children’s book publishers. If you are interested in jumping into the world of children’s books as an author or illustrator or even if you are already published I highly, highly recommend you listen to these. Not only do many of the publishers outline the kind of books they are looking for, they offer a look into the world of book publishing from their perspective. It’s not always a pretty sight and may banish some preconceived notions of the romance of publishing, but financial woes aside, there are publishers out there who are absolutely committed to quality children’s literature for better or for worse and it’s a wonderful thing to hear.

Just One More book is seriously bursting with podcasts. There are book reviews, interviews with authors and illustrators, interviews with editors, discussions, tips, guest reviews, info on literacy programs etc etc. This monster list of podcasts is searchable by tag (left side of the site), by name (right side of the site) or search box. By searching the ‘publishers showcase’ tag you should be able to find most of the publisher related podcasts. There are also other publisher interviews floating around the site like this interview with Kathy Lowinger of Tundra books. Want to know what the role of an editor is? Listen to the interview with Alvina Ling. Interested in hearing about the process an author/illustrator goes through from project conception to published work – listen to the Waiting at the Door to Unger series with Lee Edward Födi.

But it’s really just worth just subscribing to the whole thing and working your way through them.


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