It was a dark and stormy day…

Although the weather kept a few people at home, it wasn’t enough to stop the many book-lovers who came out to hear authors and check out the books and magazines at Vancouver’s Word on the Street today at Library Square. Listeners huddled in under tent roofs and up close to heaters to hear CWILL BC authors Kari-Lynn Winters, Nan Gregory, Ellen Schwartz, Deborah Hodge, Jacqueline Pearce, Meg Tilly and Chris McMahen read from their latest books. CWILLers Michelle Davis, Sandra Diersch, Dennis Foon, Rae Mate, Joan Struchner, Kari-Lynn Winters and Ellen Schwartz also presented a panel on Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books, while Kathryn Shoemaker hosted authors at the Kids Tent, and other CWILL BC members greeted visitors at the CWILL BC information table. Some highlights below:

The Word on the Street

Featured: authors Heather Kellerhals-Stewart and Norma Charles at the CWILL BC table (top left), Deborah Hodge (reading from her new picture book at middle left), Meg Tilly (lower right), Tiffany Stone, Kari-Lynn Winters and fellow Tickle Trunk Player Lori Sherritt (bottom left) and Jacqueline Pearce (middle bottom).


About Jacqueline Pearce

I am a writer (and occasionally, artist) living on the westcoast of Canada. I write novels, short stories and poetry for children and young adults. When I'm not at my computer, I explore the city, finding inspiration in hints of history, unexpected art, and glimpses of wild nature pushing up between the cracks. Sometimes, the resulting thoughts and haiku find there way onto my blog, "wildink."
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