Lois Lowry in Vancouver

Lois Lowry in VancouverIt was exciting to hear Lois Lowry speak last night at an event hosted in Vancouver by Kidsbooks. In Dream Workshop, the creative writing class I teach, the kids and I have studied two of Lois Lowry’s award-winning novels, The Giver and Number the Stars, so I was particularly interested to hear Lowry cast some light on her inspiration for these two particular titles. Lowry spoke for about an hour, showing a presentation that featured many photographs from her life. I was surprised to discover that most of the photographs on her book covers were taken by herself. For her latest book, The Willoughbys, she eschewed her camera for the pen, and not only illustrated the front cover, but the entire book. I am always interested to hear how different authors “tick,” and it seems to me that the theme of Lowry’s presentation was that life may seem random, but is in fact a pattern of connections and serendipitous moments. She had many examples of this from her own life—one in particular seemed to send a collective shiver of awe through the audience.

About Lee Edward Fodi

I'm a children's author, illustrator, and educator—or, as I like to think of myself, a daydreaming expert. When I'm not daydreaming myself, I teach kids how to do it. Yes, they might seem pretty good at it already, but in my experience, most of them haven't learned yet how to put it to good use. I'm the creator of the Kendra Kandlestar series and have illustrated books for other authors.
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