CWILLers Abound at Young Author’s Conference in Kamloops

Young Authors\' ConferenceI just returned from sunny and warm Kamloops (well, it was warmer than Vancouver ever seems to be!) where I taught a workshop at the Young Author’s Conference. This is an annual conference in which all the young authors from grades 4-12 in the school district are brought to the local university campus to flex their creative muscle under the tutelage of published authors and artists.

This year I was pleased to see so many CWILL BC members teaching at the conference. Dan Bar-el taught a comedy writing workshop, Ellen Schwartz led a class on putting characters in sticky situations, Vivien Bowers brought her expertise in non-fiction writing, Max Allen Newhouse entertained both his fellow instructors and the students with his whimsy and artistic approach to life, and Sheryl MacFarlane came with her gamut of talent in children’s books, from picture books to young adult novels. As for me? I taught a workshop about famous secret doorways in fantasy literature and world mythology, then asked students to imagine a door of their own, one that would lead to an alternate world or emotion. I was pleased to see so many of the students bring their doorways to life with not only words, but pictures as well.

My biggest disappointment about the day? I couldn’t attend anyone else’s classes!

About Lee Edward Fodi

I'm a children's author, illustrator, and educator—or, as I like to think of myself, a daydreaming expert. When I'm not daydreaming myself, I teach kids how to do it. Yes, they might seem pretty good at it already, but in my experience, most of them haven't learned yet how to put it to good use. I'm the creator of the Kendra Kandlestar series and have illustrated books for other authors.
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