The Red Cedar Awards Gala

Along with several other CWILL BC authors, I spent Saturday at the Red Cedar Book Awards Gala. As my mother-in-law would say, the event was “thoroughly grand.”

We were marched into the gym, where about 700 students waited to watch and perform skits about the nominated books. Then there were signings, author presentations, and more skits!

I hardly ever get to watch other authors speak, so it was a treat to see Irene Harris talk about the secrets that have inspired her books. She had the whole room spellbound.

It was also great to meet such enthusiastic readers. One young man spent about five minutes peppering me with questions, then whispered, “I want to be an author, too,” and scurried away before I could ask him more!

The actual awards were won by Bill Slavin for Transformed and Pamela Porter for The Crazy Man. Pamela gave a wonderful acceptance speech about attending the Red Cedar Awards before she’d been published and dreaming of one day attending as an author… she left us all with tears in our eyes.

Many thanks to the organizers, presenters, and students. I hope I get to go again one day!

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