From Quills to Mice

CLA panel

A group of us CWILLS took part in a panel discussion called From Quills to Mice: Creating Children’s Books in the Digital Age at the Canadian Library Conference at the posh Sheraton Wall Centre. We each spoke for five minutes on how digital innovation had changed the way we worked, then answered questions from the audience. One librarian from the National Archives commented that it was important to save digital and paper documentation of the various drafts and correspondence that went into the creation of a book and not just delete emails and early versions. Ainslie told us about a software called “i listen” that takes dictation if you are unable to type. We talked about how we have to stay on top of the way digital changes affect children’s behaviour (e.g. cellphones and ipods etc) and the same Archive librarian reported that her son requested stationery for his birthday because writing letters on paper is now considered “subversive” by some youth. I told the audience about an excellent book for learning photoshop called “Photoshop in Easy Steps” and a terrific software that could be used in the school for teaching writing called Comic Life. I also talked about Kirsti Wakelin’s contribution to CWILL BC both as the website designer and educator of the membership on subjects such as blogging. Ainslie told us how her Kingston flash drive still worked after sitting for hours in a glass of water, then Ellen promptly one-upped her by saying hers went through the wash and still worked! Us writers are such techies!

About Cynthia Nugent

Children's book author/illustrator, animator, founder of Rascal Media, MA in children's literature
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