READY? Set…Shoot!

Ready, Set ...Shoot!

On Sunday we began the process of shooting our CWILL BC video.

The shoot took place at Christianne’s Lyceum — a big thank you to Susan and Jameel for your help and patience!

This endeavour is intended to bring the faces of CWILL BC members to the world. We had a whole lot of fun at the shoot, and now we have a whole lot of work lined up, getting the video edited into shape and adding bits and pieces from other CWILL BC members too far afield to attend.

Bbut by the end of the summer, I’m hoping we’ll have ourselves a little movie!

Check out my blog for more shots of the ‘Action’ action.

And a huge vote of thanks to all those CWILL BC members who took the leap of faith and joined us in this crazy endeavour!


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