Fall Book Harvest Recap

I wasn’t able to attend the 2008 Fall Book Harvest, but CWILL BC president Pam Withers did and she provided me with a summary of this extremely successful event.

Pam reports that record crowds attended this year’s Fall Book Harvest event on Sunday, Oct. 5 2008, with an estimated 300 to 400 attendees coming to see 29 author/illustrator presenters.

As we are now in our second year of the event, it has picked up momentum and a reputation. As a result, lots of CWILL BC volunteers stepped forward to assist in making the event run smoothly and publishers donated a lot of books for the book draw prizes. Emcees Bonnie and Sita from Pandora’s Collective are now old pros at our events and helped it all roll smoothly.

CWILL BC public relations volunteer Lee Fodi worked very, very hard getting out press releases and we got unprecedented media coverage, including an interview on Fairchild Television. We soon began hearing anecdotal stories about how this was THE buzz among teachers and teacher-librarians, and how various schools were organising carpools to increase their chances of winning one of the school presentations that were up for grabs for the school that brought the most students. We are delighted to report that the winning school was Marlborough Elementary in Vancouver, which sent EIGHTEEN students. Author/illustrator Lee Edward Födi will be presenting at their school.

An astounding FORTY-EIGHT schools registered at the event for a chance to win, and a half dozen of them sent at least six students each. We gave away a second free presentation through a draw to any school with at least one attending student. Congratulations to New Westminster Secondary for winning that draw – they will be enjoying a visit to their school by author Pam Withers!

We are excited about our next event – the Spring Book Hatching – and are looking forward to making each event bigger and better than the last!

Want to read more about what went on at the 2008 Fall Book Harvest? Check out Cynthia’s post about the event – complete with photographs.

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