Guest Blogger Dianna Bonder Rants…er, Blogs


I must admit, I am completely new to this blog “thing” and don’t entirely understand it’s finer points or even it’s duller points for that matter. So in order to educate myself I jumped at the opportunity to post my very first blog on our CWILL BC site. I’m not entirely sure it will be read by anyone (asides from me) but I guess if just one person reads my “rant” errr….blog…then it has served it’s purpose.

Well almost a year has passed since my daughter Nico bounced into our lives and what a year it’s been! I am now the mother of two and have spent most of the past 10 months 8 days changing diapers, cleaning up puke, and chasing after a very active 10 month old and an even more active 4 1/2 year old. How on earth have women for thousands of years dealt with the struggle of motherhood and work? Birthing babies in the fields and then just going about your business? How did they ever do it all!!??

At age 7, I tried to turn myself into Wonder Woman…seriously! I think I may try to do it again.

But that being said, I am now rolling up my sleeves and taking full advantage of the few minutes a day I get free from being “mommy”(now that baby Nico is sleeping fairly normally and can spend more than 5 minutes with daddy) . 10 months and 8 days has put things into total perspective. I now know for certain that I am not a very happy person when I don’t have a pencil in my hand….I now know for certain that although I do LOVE being a mom I really do LOVE being an artist. So that takes care of that…mommy and artist ….in that order. I can do it…I know I can!!

So here are my top 10 ways of incorporating “mommy stuff” into my art

1) Take full advantage of one free arm while nursing…one can accomplish up to 10 new rough sketches this way

2) Have lots and lots of craft time with kids…they can make an atomic mess while I get rough sketches done

3) Use children as models for drawings…they think they are “playing dress up” and I am meeting my deadlines

4) Don’t shower until you absolutely have to…giving up a bath or shower every day can add up to a few extra hours per month of much needed painting time

5) Have lots and lots of playdates at our house…10 kids at one time creates lots and lots of chaos and no one notices that I’m not paying attention and busily drawing dog bums in my sketch book

6) Kids love watching me draw dog bums…good diversion

7) Play ‘hide and go seek’ for hours on end…good hiding spots include “the closet that locks….the shed that locks”…can get lots of drawing done while kids try to find me

8) Make a fun field trip to the art supply store. Kids love playing in the paper goods section

9) Take full advantage of the sleep deprivation…one can accomplish great things at 3am

10) Read rough story ideas to kids to see if they laugh, yawn or just get up and leave the room.

So there you have it…the “mommartist”……coming soon to a theatre near you! Seriously…I think I am really onto something! My sketchbook has been getting quite the workout lately and after reading 9,852 bedtime stories , I have so much inspiration for new story ideas. It’s great! So there you have it….you CAN be a mom and be an artist or have a career…you just need to get creative with it.

So now…my newest book “The West is Calling” (Orca Books) is out and gracing a bookshelf near you! Quite a departure from my usual work , it gave me the opportunity to try something new…something not quite so “Diannaish.” I must admit..I am always a bit frightened when I approach something new…it’s like breaking in that new pair of’s a bit uncomfortable for a time but before you know it, they feel warm and comfy like the old pair you wore into the store. I think it’s been a very good experience for me.

New things going on with me…

• my new book award…Dogabet received Gold at the Moonbeam Book Awards! Yay!!

• a few new book ideas in the works (nothing I can really talk about yet), a few new paintings which I am hoping to post on my website soon! (

• a clean house

• two happy children

• a nearly decorated tree

• and a much needed shower

Thanks for reading!

Dreaming is Believing


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One Response to Guest Blogger Dianna Bonder Rants…er, Blogs

  1. I was scrolling down the CWILL blog and “hey, there’s Rocky!”

    I remember trying variations of those “10 ways…” when my daughter was small. Before she was born I used to think I’d like to home-school her, but now I’m continuously grateful for the precious “work” time I get while she’s at school.

    Love “The West is Calling”! (bought it for myself for Christmas)

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