The Tuesday Tell-All

At our Tuesday Tell-All, CWILL BC members answer questions about their lives, their work, and their interests. Members with their own blogs post links to their sites. Others answer directly in the comments section.

If you’d like to contribute, even if you’re not a CWILL BC member, please feel free to post a comment (or suggest a future question!). We’d love to hear your thoughts.

This week’s question:
If you were to give one piece of advice to someone working on his or her first book, what would it be?

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6 Responses to The Tuesday Tell-All

  1. Just write for yourself and worry about everything – and everyone else – later. Right now, simply get your story on the page (computer screen)

  2. Make sure you’re writing about something that you’re passionate about, and an idea you really believe in – not just what someone has told you is what publishers want. You want your story to feel alive, not constructed, and that will be more likely to happen if you’re genuinely interested in telling the story!

  3. Tanya Kyi says:


    You can read more here:

  4. Pam Withers says:

    Read The Weekend Novelist to help you develop your characters and your plot and, like Joan Stuchner says above, don’t worry about things until you get your first draft down.

  5. K. L. Denman says:

    Make time to write and guard that time fiercely! Take the work of creating seriously, even if others don’t. That first book may be viewed by some (even ourselves) as a new “hobby” and if that happens, it’s all too easy to let go and lose the passion in a foggy place called, “one of these days…”

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