TWUC Workshop in Vancouver

The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC) is offering a Professional Development Workshop, “From Desk to Bookstore: Making the Leap to Writing as a Career,” in Vancouver, on Saturday, March 7, 2009.

Workshop leaders are Wayne Grady, who has written eleven books of nonfiction, published short stories, criticism and feature articles in most of Canada’s major magazines, and is an award-winning translator; Genni Gunn, novelist, poet, translator, librettist and musician who has published with various Canadian publishers and conducted writing workshops across Canada; and Deborah Windsor, Executive Director of The Writers’ Union of Canada.

“From Desk to Bookstore: Making the Leap to Writing as a Career” is designed to enhance the careers of book writers, whether unpublished, emerging or established. The workshop answers important questions like who publishes books in Canada and how they do it? Where did all the bookstores go? Can an editor do that? What does the World Wide Web mean to the writer? How does anybody make a living at this?

The workshop fee is $45.00, including lunch. More information is available here.

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