Some New Ideas for Valentine’s Reading

Looking for some new books to read for Valentine’s Day? These CWILL-BC authors offer a few options related to love, friendship, chocolate and even the colour red! 


Margriet Ruurs’s Wake Up, Henry Rooster has a heart-shaped box of chocolates in it. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!  (Okay, so Henry is trying to bribe his mother into doing his chores for him. He’s not actually presenting them to a sweetheart, but hey, it’s the perfect book to read in bed before you go to sleep!)

 Michelle Mulder’s Maggie and the Chocolate War celebrates children and chocolate and just what can happen when a price-hike stands between them.  
Find out how kids can bring peace and love to an entire country in Michelle’s Yeny and the Children for Peace, inspired by the true story of the Children’s Movement for Peace in Colombia.

 In Second Watch by Karen Autio, can Saara’s long-time friendship with Helena survive when the new girl, Senja, schemes to 
steal Helena’s devotion?

 Burn: The Life Story of Fire by Tanya Lloyd Kyi features a chapter about fire and passion. Young adult readers can discover why we spark romantic interest, fan the flames of love, and burn with desire. 

 Against a background of Victorian spiritualism and Bohemian Paris life, Wild Talent: a Novel of the Supernatural by Eileen Kernaghan, follows young Scottish farmworker Jeannie Guthrie’s star-crossed romance with an upper class English zoologist.

kc Dyer’s Ms. Zephyr’s Notebook is a twisted love story about a boy, his bowels, a car (red!), and a know-it-all girl. (With a red coat!) Oh, and her bowels, too, actually.

 Love doesn’t have to be romantic. Kari-Lynn Winters’s books explore:Buddy love – Jeffrey and Sloth; Fatherly love – Runaway Alphabet; and Poetic love – aRHYTHMetic.

 For 8-12 year olds who are Crazy About Canada! and adore fascinating facts, Vivien Bowers’s book by that name continues her long-time love affair with this vast country.  Crazy About Canada! gives answers to questions sent in by real kids from across the country, such as “Why are beavers teeth orange?” or “Where does all the water that flows over Niagara Falls come from?”  Got more than one Canadian sweetheart on your shopping list? Other award-winning books for curious valentines, also written by Vivien Bowers and published by Maple Tree Press, include Wow Canada! and That’s Very Canadian!


About Adrienne Mason

Writer, editor and author of Long Beach Wild: A Celebration of People and Place on Canada's Rugged Western Shore.
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