The Tuesday Tell-All

At our Tuesday Tell-All, CWILL BC members answer questions about their lives, their work, and their interests. Members with their own blogs post links to their sites. Others answer directly in the comments section.

If you’d like to contribute, even if you’re not a CWILL BC member, please feel free to post a comment (or suggest a future question!). We’d love to hear your thoughts.

This week’s question:kc dyer recently posted a description of the items on her desk. Do you have mementos or inspirational objects in your work space?

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4 Responses to The Tuesday Tell-All

  1. kc says:


    If we get enough responses from this, I’ll post a picture of the disaster that is my desk!


  2. By coincidence, my latest blog post features a photo of my (messy) desk, which is watched over by a maneki neko (a beckoning cat, also known as a “lucky cat”) I brought back from my last research trip to Japan. I moved to a new place not long ago, and most of my other mementos and pieces of art haven’t made it up on the walls or into niches yet, but I like to be able to look up from my computer and see things that make me feel good and bring to mind positive and creative thoughts. I also like to have handy some small object with a connection to whatever book I’m working on — to give me a little extra inspiration or friendly encouragement. The lucky cat continues to do just that…

    Blog link:

  3. I read this over this morning and decided to tidy up my workspace so that I could take a photo and post it. Now it is evening and late and I think I might do this tomorrow because the drawing board is still a mess and my computer desk is a mess and I am too ashamed. But maybe this is enough to motivate me to action. Maybe I will create a picture perfect worktable for a photo opportunity. I will definitely let you know when it happens. Maybe.

  4. Since I got rid of my huge old oak desk and replaced it with a smaller one from Staples that actually fit through the door of our tiny new study in our recent apartment, I’ve had to reduce my personal clutter. (Esp. now that my husband and I now share a desk. We went from a study each, to our own desks in one room, to this little cubby. This cannot be called progress!)

    So these days all I have room for is a small soapstone carving given to me be someone from my dearest (and long ago) past, and a brass monkey (honest!) who has his nose permanently stick in the book, therefore combining all the qualities of Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil – as he’s too busy reading. (He’s hunkered down on the outstanding bills that we may get to pay later this month, or next…)

    That’s it. Other than the usual electronic equipment, speakers, and a prayer mat mouse pad – and whatever bracelet I’m wearing today that just makes too much noise if I wear it while I’m working.

    Not worth a picture, that’s for sure.

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