The Tuesday Tell-All

At our Tuesday Tell-All, CWILL BC members answer questions about their lives, their work, and their interests. Members with their own blogs post links to their sites. Others answer directly in the comments section.

If you’d like to contribute, even if you’re not a CWILL BC member, please feel free to post a comment (or suggest a future question!). We’d love to hear your thoughts.

This week’s question is one that was asked by the students of Maywood Community School in Burnaby, during a recent visit with writer Deborah Hodge. They wondered:

Have you travelled to other places in the world?

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4 Responses to The Tuesday Tell-All

  1. I always wanted to travel to other places, but hadn’t done much travelling outside of North America until I visited Japan to research my novel “Manga Touch” and my forthcoming picture book “The Lucky Cat.” I found the trip fascinating and am going there again this spring. I’d like to visit some different countries as well.

  2. I’ve travelled to a few places, all of them inspiring, mostly because they are different. But there are two cities that I’ve travelled to that were special. Venice and Jerusalem. As soon as I set foot in both those places I realised that since my childhood I’d been imagining them. I knew that one of the cities was Jerusalem. I didn’t know where that other place was.
    When I first saw Venice I said to myself, “This is the place I’ve been dreaming of, all these years.” One day I found myself in one of Venice’s mysterious little streets. There was a shop window with one item in it – a Harlequin figurine. I’d seen it all before in a dream.
    When I first saw Jerusalem I said, “It’s just as I always imagined it. It feels like home.”
    One day I will set stories in both those places.

  3. I write this from Winchester, Hampshire where I’m visiting family.
    I grew up in Basra and Kirkuk in Iraq, and we often holidayed near Silumaniya – where the Garden of Eden is said to be located – and in Cornwall, England.
    After I left home at 17, I lived in Paris for a year, London for another, then New York for 8 months before landing in Vancouver.
    I’ve since travelled, often alone, 2 trips to Mexico (Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Queretero – far away from beaches, bars or sun tan oil!) San Francisco (x2) Egypt and Sinai. And spent 3 days in a resort in Cabo – not my idea of a holiday desitnation, but the location of my daughter’s wedding!
    I also did an 85-mile solo hike of the South Downs Way in southern England a few years ago (I would have done the whole 105 miles but I was felled by a bone infection in one leg).
    I’ve tried to make it to India twice – thwarted each time, but I still hope to do. Turkey is high on my list, too.
    I live in hope that I can return to Iraq one day, too. Though what will be left of it by then…
    I think my heart’s home is in a desert… any desert.

  4. Tanya Kyi says:

    This question made me remember a hike I did about five years ago, involving monks, palm wine, and a big dose of sunstroke.

    I’ve posted the story here:

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