The Tuesday Tell-All

At our Tuesday Tell-All, CWILL BC members answer questions about their lives, their work, and their interests. Members with their own blogs post links to their sites. Others answer directly in the comments section.

If you’d like to contribute, even if you’re not a CWILL BC member, please feel free to post a comment (or suggest a future question!). We’d love to hear your thoughts.

This week’s question:
Do you belong to a critique group? Why or why not?

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1 Response to The Tuesday Tell-All

  1. I don’t belong to a critique group, probably for the same reason I majored in English Lit. instead of Creative Writing. I’m scared of exposing myself (which is odd, I know, considering the fact that I’ve appeared in plays where I walked about on stage in my underwear)
    It’s painful enough having to read editors’ comments – especially when they have a point! I’m happy to wait until I have something published – and then I can stress out about what reviewers might say.

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