Happy Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month and to launch our celebrations here at the CWILL BC blog, we bring you a poem by Ann Walsh.

Still Waters, Reprise
The lake glows gold at dusk
Oil lamps against the darkness
Campfires against the cold.
Sweaters, popcorn, one last swim
As loons sing lullabies
And pines whisper bedtime prayers.

Only the moon
Slanting silver
Across the stillness.

“Still Waters, Reprise” is the final poem in Ann’s book Across the Stillness, published by Beach Holme. The book is now out of print, though still available from Ann herself. Ann also has a poem in Canadian Poems for Canadian Kids, edited by Jen Hamilton and published by Subway Books.


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2 Responses to Happy Poetry Month!

  1. Nice! The poem really takes me to that special summer moment of lake-time.

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