News Flash

In an article in today’s Globe and Mail, CWILL BC member Beryl Young writes about her father’s history as a Bernardo boy, an English war orphan who came to Canada as an indentured worker.

Beryl has just released a book about her father’s personal history. It’s called Charlie: A Home Child’s Life in Canada.

To find out more, you can stop by Beryl’s book launch at Kidsbooks on October 6th.

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One Response to News Flash

  1. lorrie says:

    Loved the article! Looking forward to the story.

    I’m using the article in my Writing 12 class as an inspiration for the writing start:’family mysteries.’ The tales that families hold can be important to a larger group than just the family. I commend Beryl on her work.

    I’ll be bringing my kids (not my class) to the book launch!

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