Fall Harvest presentations

Here’s two short videos: Dan Bar-el in a toga introducing his new book It’s all Greek to Me, Jack. And Kari-Lynn Winters introducing On My Walk wearing her spiffy horse hat. CWILLs in costumes! And what great responses from the kids!

About Cynthia Nugent

Children's book author/illustrator, animator, founder of Rascal Media, MA in children's literature
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2 Responses to Fall Harvest presentations

  1. I spent several hours editing 300 photos of the day and they are posted at the following site.

    CWILL BC Fall Book Harvest 2009 poster

    And more photos have now been added by others here on the blog but I am not sure the link is set up so I am posting it here if it works with this comment box.

    Mary Jane

  2. Great to work with Mary Jane Muir’s beautiful photos and a few of mine, Dale’s and Julie H. Fergusons to create a short slide show with titles and music of the Fall Harvest – it took about 5 days to put together- so many talented author and illustrators. Cheers

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