A Harvest Slideshow

Della Burford has put together this wonderful slideshow with the help of Mary Jane Muir and various other CWILL BC photographers. If you missed the Fall Book Harvest, this is the next best thing.

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2 Responses to A Harvest Slideshow

  1. Thanks for posting Tanya – I’ve received some great comments I would like to share with everyone- Della
    Look great! Nice job,
    Margriet – Saltspring Island

    Hi -congrats on this news, lovely, pleased to hear from you and to share in the celebration
    love-Stevanne and Ralph – San Francisco

    I enjoyed your show! I’m sitting in my wonderful place in total silence on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. The was dark today and I picked apples together with the deer who left when I came – but still visible.I’m planning for the World Championship in Cooperation in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and for a Roots Meeting in Maasai land in Tanzania in November– maybe you will be there… Kajsa Dolstrom- Sweden
    It’s awesome- thanks Della
    Mary Heaton – Indonesia

    Thank-you Della, what inspirational work !!!& the volume of work by authors is unbelievable. This is definitey a “keeper site” as I will go back to this over & over again Melda- Alberta

    Wow. What a prolific bunch. Lynne Bowen B.C.

    Got it fine. Very impressive!
    Karleen Bradford Ontario

  2. I got this message this morning-
    Was nice seeing the video.All the amazing writers in B.C. Must have been inspiring to be all together. The kids must have loved it.”
    Norah from the Kootenay.

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