CWILL BC Tip of the Week

Each week, a CWILL BC member offers a tip about writing or illustrating, the creative process, or getting published.

This week’s tip comes from writer Jacqueline Pearce, author of Manga Touch and other novels for middle readers and young adults. Jacquie also blogs at Wild Ink.

Jacqui’s tip:
The best advice I can give is to keep reading and keep writing. When you read good stories you end up digesting a lot about how a story works, and by practicing writing you strengthen your writing muscles and get into the writing habit. Write stories, keep a diary, write for your school newspaper or yearbook, write a blog, keep a secret poetry notebook… whatever type of writing you like. Don’t worry about writing a best selling novel right away. It might never happen. Write about what interests you, and write because you love writing.

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One Response to CWILL BC Tip of the Week

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Also, I’m finding that when re-reading MY old stories – the ones I’d set aside because they didn’t seem good enough – I’ve discovered some real gems! Sometimes you need a bit of distance from your own work to see what’s good and what’s not. Yes, I’ve also found some in the ‘what’s not’ catagory.

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