CWILL BC Tip of the Week

Each week, a CWILL BC member offers a tip about writing or illustrating, the creative process, or getting published.

This week’s tip comes from writer Deborah Hodge. You can find more information about Deborah’s books on her website or her blog.

Deborah’s tip:
I like to say that the non-fiction author’s job is to know (or find out) as much about a subject as possible, then determine what the essence is, and decide what to leave out — in order to shape the information into a form that is meaningful for our youngest readers. It’s an art to be simple and concise, while retaining the essence of a topic, and yet convey enough information in a way that delights, delivers, matters, and holds a child’s interest.

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1 Response to CWILL BC Tip of the Week

  1. Thanks for this tip, Deborah. I’m working on two short ‘fun’ bios. I’ll keep your words close by to remind me of what’s important.

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