More Live on Screen!

We mentioned earlier that the Vancouver Sun caught some of our authors and illustrators on film as part of the Raise-a-Reader initiative. There are now more videos of CWILL BC authors & illustrators reading from books, on the Vancouver Sun website. Here’s the list of the videos posted so far:

Norma Charles, reading from The Girl in the Backseat

kc Dyer, reading from A Walk Through a Window

Melanie Jackson, reading from The Big Dip

Shula Klinger, reading from The Kingdom of Strange

Lori Sherritt-Fleming, reading from aRHYTHmetic

Susin Nielsen, reading from Dear George Clooney Please Marry My Mom

Cynthia Nugent,  reading from Fred and Pete at the Beach

Maggie de Vries,  reading from Fraser Bear: A Cub’s Life

Denise Jaden, reading from Losing Faith

Nancy Hundal, reading from Number 12

Duane Lawrence, reading from Sammy Squirrel & Rodney Raccoon ‑ a Stanley Park tale

Shar Levine, reading from Scary Science

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