readBC ~ Lee Edward Födi

We think British Columbia is a pretty special place to live and also a great place to create wonderful children’s literature. readBC is a series of short interviews introducing our readers to our authors and illustrators and their craft. Read the complete series here.
For a list of books created and set in British Columbia, visit this page.

Lee Edward Födi
Author / Illustrator
Region: Vancouver, South Coast & Lower Mainland

When did you know you wanted to write or illustrate children’s books?
From the time I was old enough to put crayon to paper. I probably made my first “proper” book when I was six or seven. It was proper because I had a highly technologically advanced technique of tying it together with thread. Oh, and I also had a table of contents, which I thought was quite clever of me (note to six-year-old-self, figure out your table of contents AFTER you’ve finished your book, that way you don’t have to scratch half of it out afterwards).


If you could take a children’s book character for ice cream, whom would you invite?
I would take the Wee Free Men from Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series. They may be tiny, but they’re tough and they claim they can break out of any place (well, except a pub). In any case, the Wee Free Men could protect me from all the ice cream thieves on the way home. And there COULD be ice cream thieves, like maybe Count Olaf or Cruella de Vil, because I’m assuming if I’m able to take the Wee Free Men for ice cream, well then, some sort of real world/storybook world boundary has been breached and now all the characters are spilling through.

What are you working on now?
I’m working on the next book in my Kendra Kandlestar series, which is book IV. But I haven’t announced the title yet. I’m almost done writing the manuscript and am also busy doing a lot of the illustrations for it.

Where do you do your work, and/or what’s on your desk?
I have a studio in my house where I write and draw. On any given day, my desk includes: stacks of books, pencils, drawing pens, a cup of coffee, a cat, Star Wars action figures, a couple of computers, scanner, printer, folders of stories and artwork produced by my students, and anything else that amuses me. Even though my desk is big and wraps around two walls, it isn’t big enough to hold everything I need to keep my brain going, so I have to use my walls as well; here I hang favourite pieces of artwork and poetry, plus any sketches I’m working on. Oh, and the mad workings of my latest plot. My window points towards the ocean. I love the ocean. I can’t see the ocean from my window, but on a good day, I can smell it.


What are your favourite procrastination techniques?
Doing interviews, like this one. Or interviewing others through the podcast I run with James McCann called Authors Like Us.

Find out more about Lee Edward Födi by visiting his blog, Between the Cracks of Here and There.

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