Mark Your Calendars

There are all sorts of exciting events coming up this November, featuring CWILL BC writers and illustrators. Here are just a few:

Joan Stuchner has written a musical and Kol Halev Performance Ensemble will be staging it at both the Waterfront Theatre (Nov. 21st) and the Peretz Centre (Nov. 28th). Joan wrote the story and the song lyrics. Her songs were set to music by Dave Ivaz and John Maas. “Hanukkah in Chelm” is a family show and both performances will be at 2 p.m.

Irene N. Watts is giving two workshops for students at the Jewish Book Festival in November, one on Clayman: The Golem of Prague, together with illustrator, Kathryn E. Shoemaker, and a writing workshop on New Moon, her most recent YA novel about the Titanic disaster of 1912.

Rebecca Kool, along with husband Takeshi, will launch their “kamishibai” (paper theatre) presentation of Fly Catcher Boy on Sunday, November 21, at the Nikkei Place Craft Sale in Burnaby.

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