readBC ~ Sara Leach

We think British Columbia is a pretty special place to live and also a great place to create wonderful children’s literature. readBC is a series of short interviews introducing our readers to our authors and illustrators and their craft. Read the complete series here.
For a list of books created and set in British Columbia, visit this page.

Sara Leach
Region: Vancouver, South Coast & Lower Mainland

Are any of your books set in B.C.?
Both of my published books, Mountain Machines and Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle?, as well as the two books that will be coming out in the next year, are set in B.C. Mountain Machines is set on a mountain that looks an awful lot like Whistler, and Jake Reynolds is set on the fictional island of Hidalgo in the Strait of Georgia.

If you could take a children’s book character for ice cream, whom would you invite?
I would invite Helen Lester’s Tacky the Penguin. He makes me giggle every time I read his books. And I’d like to see how many scoops of ice cream he could eat in one sitting.

Sara Leach

What’s a typical day like for you?
Every day is different for me. I’m a writer, a mom, a teacher-librarian, a business owner, and a volunteer. The one thing that I do (almost) every morning is get up and write two pages before everybody else in the house is awake. I don’t spend a lot of time writing every day, but those minutes and pages add up.

What are you working on now?
I’m working on a sequel to Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle? In January I’ll begin working with my editor on a mid-grade novel that will come out in Fall 2011.

What’s your favourite place in B.C.?
My favourite place in B.C. is Hernando Island, a small island in the Strait of Georgia. I’ve been going there for 37 years, and each year is just as special to me as the last. I live in a beautiful mountain town, but I love the sound and smell of the ocean, and I need to get my fix every summer.

To learn more about Sara and her books, please visit her website.
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