Behind the Book: An Illustrator’s Process

Mary Jane Muir has created this video documenting the creation of “Sweater,” which offers a glimpse inside one illustrator’s creative process.

Here’s what Mary Jane had to say about the work: “It was fun to do and while I sketched out this sweater theme, I had no idea what it would turn out like. But isn’t that the way with just about everything we make? A cake. A poem. A paragraph. A creative story. I guess the thing is to keep on going just to see what happens.”

You can read more about Mary Jane’s work on her blog, Maple Pancakes.

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One Response to Behind the Book: An Illustrator’s Process

  1. Tanya! Thanks so much for including me on the CWILL blog this week.
    I used Corel Painter Elements software with a Wacom tablet and pen to draw about twelve frames of the image progression. I saved them as jpegs and moved them into a slide show program and lined them up. A transition effect added between the slides blends each drawing into the next. Most slide show software provides similar transition effects. Just experimenting.

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