CWILL BC member Michelle Superle to give author talk

You are invited to a talk by Canadian children’s book writer and children’s literature academic Michelle Superle.

Free. No need to register. Refreshments provided

“The Road Goes Ever On: Research and Publishing, Scholarly and Creative, after the Degree

Monday, April 18 1:00-2:00 p.m.
The Dodson Room, Chapman Learning Commons, Room 302 Ike Barber Centre, 1961
East Mall, Refreshments

Michelle Superle completed her MA in Children’s Literature at UBC and went on to do her PhD at Newcastle, under the supervision of Dr. Kimberley Reynolds. Please come to hear Michelle speak about how she became engaged in doing research on contemporary English-language Indian literature for children, her research work in India and elsewhere, and what she did to take it to the book stage. Her thesis is being published this month as part of the Routledge series, Children’s Literature and Culture, familiar to many doing research in the field.

Also, you will learn about Michelle’s longtime passion for animals, her work with therapy animals, her university teaching of “animal books” for children, and how all this led to her first novel for children, Black Dog, Dream Dog. All royalties from Michelle’s novel go to support the important cause of animal welfare, through Animal Advocates. For information about this and more about Michelle and her work-other novels in progress–as well as links to reviews of Black Dog, Dream Dog, see Michelle’s website.

Information about Michelle’s books:

Representations of Nation, Culture, and the New Indian Girl. Michelle Superle. Routledge,
New York, April 2011. This book is part of the Routledge series, Children’s
Literature and Culture.

Black Dog, Dream Dog. Michelle Superle. Illustrated by Millie Ballance.
Tradewind Books, Vancouver.


Visit Michelle’s page on the CWILL BC website.

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