The New Crop

Spring has brought a burst of new books from CWILL BC members. Here’s a sampling:

Out of the Box, by Michelle Mulder, is a juvenile novel about thirteen-year-old Ellie. Life is smoothest for Ellie when she keeps her opinions to herself, gets good grades and speaks carefully when her parents ask her to settle their arguments. She feels guilty that she welcomes the chance to spend the summer in another city with her mother’s older sister, Jeanette. Ellie makes a new friend and learns to play an Argentine instrument called the bandoneón, which she finds in her aunt’s basement. When she goes searching for the bandoneón’s original owner, she discovers a story of political intrigue and family secrets that help her start to figure out where her parents end and she begins.


Theodore Too and the Excuse-Me Monster, also by Michelle Mulder features an adventurous tug. When Theodore Too, Lucy Tug, and Guy Seagull see a splash in Halifax Harbour, Guy is sure it’s a monster … until the splash says “excuse me” and Guy thinks he’s met an excuse-me monster! But the splash is another kind of creature, who quickly wins over Theodore Too and his friends.

The Mystery of the Missing Luck by Jacqueline Pearce, is a new addition to the Orca Echoes series. Sara loves her grandmother’s bakery. It’s a special place-not only because of its delicious Japanese buns and pastries. She enjoys spending time with her obaachan, her grandmother. But things aren’t going well for the bakery. When the bakery’s lucky cat statue goes missing, Sara wonders if the bakery’s luck is gone for good. But then a mysterious cat appears in the backyard one night and inspires a plan. With the help of her friend, Jake, Sara just might find the statue and restore the bakery’s lost luck.

missing luck

Trouble in the Trees by Yolanda Ridge, features eleven-year-old Bree, who’s happiest when she’s climbing the trees at Cedar Grove, her urban townhouse complex. She’s the best climber around, even better than an older boy, Tyler, who drives her crazy with his competitiveness. When Ethan, a younger boy, falls from a tree and hurts his elbow, the neighborhood council bans all tree-climbing in Cedar Grove. If Bree chooses to ignore the bylaw, her family could be kicked out of their home, so she vows to change the rule instead. After giving a presentation to the Neighborhood Council, she realizes this is not a battle she can win on her own, but rallying the Cedar Grove troops is more difficult than she imagined.

Safety Superheroes by Crystal Stranaghan, was created because each year, thousands of seniors are taken to hospitals because of injuries sustained during a simple fall. Falls are often due to home hazards that are easy to overlook, but also easy to fix. The Safety Superheroes are here to help kids and families learn how to keep their grandparents and loved ones safe from falls. With a fun story, lively illustrations and loads of safety tips, this book is a great resource for encouraging and teaching about intergenerational falls prevention.

Outback, by Robin Stevenson, is an action-packed new addition to the Orca Soundings series. Since his girlfriend dumped him, Jayden has been avoiding school — and life in general. When his eccentric uncle Mel invites him to help with his biology research at an Australian university, he figures he has nothing to lose. Once he arrives, he discovers Mel is obsessed with finding a new species of lizard and is determined to be the first to discover it. Unfortunately, this means an expedition into the scorching desert heat of the Australian outback…with the increasingly paranoid Mel and an unfriendly biology student named Natalie. Then disaster strikes, and Jayden and Nat find themselves many miles from civilization fighting for their survival.

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