What Writers Read: Pam Withers

What do children’s writers and illustrators read in their spare time? In this series of interviews with B.C. book folks, we discuss everything from guilty reading pleasures to the best literary villains. If you’d like to share some favourites of your own, please leave a comment!

Pam Withers

What books are on your end table right now?
The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint by Brady Udall: A marvelous read, very quirky humor and rich writing, reminds me of Alexie Sherman but better.

Who’s your favourite author/illustrator of all time?
James Ramsey Ullman/Farley Mowat/Roald Dahl (You expect me to restrict my answer to one?!)

Where is the best place to curl up with a good book?
On the sofa in the den under a patchwork quilt. It’s a loooong sofa where I can stretch out.

What series did you read growing up?
Wizard of Oz — all 40 of them. (Honestly, there are that many.)

Do you have a guilty reading pleasure?
Nonfiction. (Seems like as a novelist, I should be reading more fiction, but I’ve always preferred nonfiction!)

To learn more about Pam Withers and her work, please check out her website.
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