Author/Illustrator Shirley Hughes

Shirley Hughes picturebook cover of Alfie Gets in FirstHere’s a marvelous audio slideshaw of Shirley Hughes drawing her beloved series character, Alfie. I adore getting to see illustrators in their studios, how they’re set up in relation to the light and what materials they use. I am also heartened to see this 85-year-old picturebook genius still at work. I also agree with her comment that picturebooks, despite all the amazing technology that has appeared, are still the first visual art that children see and can enjoy for themselves.

About Cynthia Nugent

Children's book author/illustrator, animator, founder of Rascal Media, MA in children's literature
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One Response to Author/Illustrator Shirley Hughes

  1. Jacquie says:

    Thanks for the link! When my daughter was little we loved looking at Shirley Hughes’ illustrations together (such real children and wonder details)

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