BC Book Prize Nominations

Congratulations to the following CWILL BC authors and illustrators whose books have been nominated for 2012 BC Book Prizes!

For the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize:

Glen Huser, The Runaway
Leroy “Doodlebug” Barnstable likes to call himself the quickest draw in the west—with a crayon. It’s 1923 and Doodle is on the run from a couple of abusive cousins when he stumbles into a travelling Chautauqua show where it’s easy to get lost in a crowd — but also easy to lose your heart. Glen Huser has won a number of awards such as the Mr. Christie Award, the Governor General’s Award, and the R. Ross Annett Award. A teacher-librarian for most of his life, he continues to write, pursue his artwork and coach students working on their own books for young people.


For the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize:

Mike Deas, Dalen & Gole: Scandal in Port Angus
Dalen and Gole are refugees on Earth in a race against time to save their home planet from an evil plot. With seconds to the finish line, Dalen and Gole lead the distant world of Budap’s annual Junior-Jet Race. Suddenly they are overtaken. Left behind in a cloud of mysterious purple exhaust, they realize something doesn’t add up. Looking for clues, the two friends uncover a tunnel that leads them to Earth. They arrive in Port Angus, once a lively west coast fishing community. The fishing industry is dying, and Dalen and Gole find themselves embroiled in a sinister plot to steal fish and send them to Budap. Pursued by government agents and angry aliens, Dalen and Gole are in a race to save both their own distant world and the fishing community of Port Angus. Mike Deas is the illustrator of the bestselling Graphic Guide Adventure series. He and his wife, Nancy, live in sunny Victoria, BC.


Dan Bar-el and Rae Maté, Pussycat, Pussycat, Where Have You Been?
In the classic nursery rhyme “Pussycat, Pussycat,” Pussycat travels to London to visit the Queen. But where else does Pussycat go? These vivid, dreamy poems and illustrations reveal the rest of Pussycat’s adventures. The trips take readers to far-flung, magical places of the world and also deeper into Pussycat’s heart, as they learn what he wishes for, what soothes his sorrow, where he hides when he is scared, and what happens when he gets lost. Dan Bar-el’s book Things Are Looking Grimm, Jill won the 2008 Silver Birch Express award, and his funny picture book Alphabetter was chosen for the BC government’s Ready, Set, Learn program. Rae Maté graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1986. She enjoys teaching 2-3 year olds at Parent and Me art classes at Arts Umbrella in Vancouver and paints in her home studios in Vancouver and Hornby Island, BC.


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