TD National Reading Summit III

The TD National Reading Summit III is May 2 to 4 in Vancouver, B.C.

Join the discussion and help shape a National Reading Plan that will encourage, support and promote the joy of reading across Canada.

There are three ways to be involved in the summit:

  • Attend the summit in person — $250 regular and $100 student plus HST
  • Organize your own satellite location at your institution –$200 per location plus HST (includes facilitation training kit)
  • Participate via webcast — $100 plus HST

TD National Reading Summit III is the third and final summit in the series. The summit will kick-off with an exciting evening keynote speaker to warm things up for the two day conference. During this summit attendees will review a draft reading plan and participate in facilitated group discussions on how best to shape this plan and move it forward as a grassroots movement to make reading a priority in Canada. Throughout the two days dynamic speakers and panel discussions will provide food for thought. Work has already begun on a campaign to increase awareness of reading for the joy of it. This will be unveiled at the TD National Reading Summit III.

Join the conversation. Please register now.

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