What Writers Read: Tanya Lloyd Kyi

What do children’s writers and illustrators read in their spare time? In this series of interviews with B.C. book folks, we discuss everything from guilty reading pleasures to the best literary villains. If you’d like to share some favourites of your own, please leave a comment!

Tanya Lloyd Kyi

What books are on your end table right now?
Well, I had to excavate through a pile of magazines to find out, but there appears to be a middle grade novel called Everything on a Waffle, which I’m reading on the recommendation of my seven-year-old, and two young adult novels: Cracked, by K.M. Walton, and Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse, by Lucas Klauss. There’s also a stack of books hidden in the drawer of the dresser beside my end table… it got too embarrassing to have them all teetering in a pile beside the bed, so I stashed them beside the underwear. (Hmmm… somehow that doesn’t sound less embarrassing.)

Where is the best place to curl up with a good book?
I have been known to hide on the front porch with a book. The chairs there are tucked around the corner, just out of sight, and sometimes no one can find me.

Do you have a guilty reading pleasure?
Every once in a while I start reading some massive fantasy tome and get so involved that I ignore everything and everyone for a few days until it’s done. It’s sort of binge reading, really. I wonder if there’s a support group for that…

Are you more likely to be caught reading a zombie novel or a sentimental romance?
Definitely not zombies. Maybe a romance novel, if there’s one lying around when we go on vacation. Most likely… something with dragons.

Who’s your favourite literary villain?
I’d have to go with the White Witch from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. She’s just so horribly manipulative. I think I’d climb in her sleigh, and I don’t even like Turkish Delight!

To learn more about Tanya and her work, please visit her website.
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