Back from TD Canadian Children’s Book Week!

The following is a guest post by Eileen Cook. To learn more about Eileen and her books, please visit her website.

So people have asked: how was Book Week? Awesome and exhausting, all at the same time. I kicked off the week by having a chance to visit my publisher’s office in Toronto. It was great to meet everyone, not just because they had cupcakes (but the cupcakes were a nice thing).

The idea of doing the school visits and library talks freaked me out. I’d been practicing in front of my dogs, but let me be clear you don’t know fear until you’re facing 200 elementary school kids and told to entertain them. My natural introvert self wanted to crawl under the desk. I went with my go-to plan when I’m freaked out, I pretended that I was the kind of person who is super outgoing. It worked out great. The kids and teens were fantastic. Lots of great questions. My favourite is still: “In your days was there disco?” I considered saying that no, when I was young we didn’t have disco or any musical instruments so we just beat rocks together to make sound.

TD Book Week is one well-oiled book organizing machine. I traveled by plane, train, bus and car. What was shocking is that I didn’t get lost once. Given my near terminal case of being directionally challenged it’s pretty impressive. Huge thanks to my coordinator, Monika who kept me on track, and all the librarians, teachers, drivers and students who made me feel so welcome. Authors spend most of our time at home alone just sitting around making stuff up. It was great to feel like a rock star for a week.

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