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Join author and instructor Lois Peterson for a fun, free workshop at the Port Moody Library on Saturday, June 23, from 1 p.m. to 3:30 pm. Peterson will show new and experienced fiction writers how to enhance their story development skills by using reverse outlining, a novel approach to developing a story.

Stories often take on lives of their own, despite the author’s detailed outline, comprehensive character profiles, and strong grasp of story structure. Reverse outlining allows writers to drill deep into early drafts, track character and plot development, identify how details amplify theme and story, analyze chapter and scene endings, and highlight other specifics that improve the dynamics of the story.

Participants in this practical workshop will use a spreadsheet to track specific elements of one or two chapters of a work in progress, and explore how each craft element can be enhanced or adjusted to improve the next draft of the story. Writers who don’t wish to bring along their own chapters or scenes will be provided with sample work to help them learn to apply this useful process to their own fiction.

Presenter Lois Peterson has published numerous literary short stories in magazines and journals. She is the author of seven children’s novels and is a popular storyteller and workshop presenter.

Space is limited. Call 604-469-4577 to register.

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