Fall Mentorships Get Underway

Members are signing up this week for CWILL BC’s fall round of mentorships.

Here’s how CWILL mentorship works:

1. Members sign up in one of four areas. (Or sign up as a mentor in one area, and a mentoree in another.)
– The business of writing/illustrating (contracts, grants, accounting)
– Promotion (working with booksellers, arranging readings, available resources)
– On-line promotion (blogs, websites, social networking sites)
– School presentations

2. Once matched, participants receive e-mails introducing them to their mentorship partners.

3. Partners chat via phone or e-mail to discuss what they’d like to share.

4. They schedule a work session of one or two hours. This may mean attending a school presentation, meeting to set up a blog, or just chatting over coffee.

5. Mentors make themselves available for questions via e-mail or phone for a few weeks following.

Sound interesting? To learn more about CWILL BC membership, check out our web page.

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