Highlights of 2012

We asked Caroline Woodward to describe some of the highlights of her 2012 writing life. What were yours? Feel free to let us know, in the comments below.

One of the highlights for me this year was collaborating with veteran U.S. author, Toni Buzzeo, on a Readers’ Theatre Script for Singing Away The Dark (Simply Read Books). Toni creates theatre pieces based on children’s books so that many voices can read aloud, very similar to a radio play. Since I had seen children spontaneously decide to do a theatrical reading of my book while touring the Peace River (you go Chetwynd Library!) with very authentic renditions of coyote and wolf howling sound effects, it was a slam-dunk to work with Toni on a script.


This has just appeared in the December edition of Library Sparks, a magazine which has 7500 U.S. librarian subscribers. Toni also did an interview with me, which appears in the online edition of the magazine. It was a thrill to be in the same pages with Lemony Snickett!

The other highlight of 2012 is the French language translation by Quebec publisher, Les Editions De La Courte Echelle, which released in November: Chanter Dans Le Noir, translated by Fanny Britt. The third highlight will be when I actually get paid for the sale of French rights…

To learn more about Caroline and her work, please visit her website.
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