Reading BC

CWILL BC’s list of set-in-BC children’s and young adult books is newly updated and posted here. You’ll find stories set everywhere from Sooke to Smithers.

Books on the list were suggested by CWILL BC members and compiled by Karen Autio, author of Second Watch (2005), Saara’s Passage (2008), and the upcoming Sabotage (2013), published by Sono Nis Press.

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3 Responses to Reading BC

  1. Shari Green says:

    Great list! Pretty cool to see so many books set in our beautiful province. :)

    A couple more Vancouver Island books you could add (both YA): Catherine Knutsson’s SHADOWS CAST BY STARS, set in the Cumberland area in the future; and Kelley Armstrong’s THE GATHERING, set in a fictional community on Vancouver Island (I’m not sure if the other two books in the trilogy are also set on the Island).

    • Shari Green says:

      Thought of a couple more… Kristin Butcher’s new YA, TRUTHS I LEARNED FROM SAM, is set in the Cariboo, and her other new YA, CACHING IN, is set in Victoria. :)

      Okay, I’ll stop now, lol.

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