CWILL BC and Books For Me!

CWILL BC has recently partnered with Books for Me!, a charity which collects books from schools, families, community, and business organizations and distributes these books to children who need them.

In early January, Books for Me! was able to bring author Tiffany Stone to Henderson Annex to do a reading from her new book, Rainbow Shoes. At the end of January, author and illustrator Lee Edward Fodi gave a presentation at Waverley Elementary, where “Mr. Wiz” had the kids helping him draw a creature, as well as drawing their own! He explained how drawing could be the inspiration for a story.


And in April, Sheri Radford visited Queen Alexandra Elementary School to read from some of her books. She also talked to the kids about the book publishing process — how a story or idea becomes a finished printed book. The kids were fortunate to hear the inaugural reading of her new book It’s Following Me!, due out this summer.

Read more about these events and upcoming plans here!

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1 Response to CWILL BC and Books For Me!

  1. maxtell says:


    Can I offer copies of my audio CDs? I could drop some off at our next Cwill meeting.


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