You Wrote a Book!

After Orca’s group book launch in Victoria, CWILL BC writer Robin Stevenson sent this report:


The launch for my new books, Record Breaker and Damage, was a blast. I launched with a great group of authors and loved hearing about their new books. There were yummy snacks (see table above and note how close I am standing to those brownies!) And best of all, there were KIDS!

When you are launching kids books, it is pretty awesome to have kids in the audience. One little girl said that the cream puffs were the second best thing at the launch, and my reading was the first best!

Yes, I actually read from my book, which I don’t usually do, and it was great to hear the giggles from the kids in the crowd. Even my own son was smiling at the funny parts, which made my night. And I got AWESOME cards from a couple of the kids (thanks R and F!). Here’s one of them that pretty much expresses how I feel every single time I publish a new novel:


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