Imagined Controversies: Destination Human by Kim Denman

An ongoing series wherein totally make-believe persons voice their totally fake concerns regarding totally real books written by CWILL BC writers.

Kim Denman - photo

Dear Human Denman,

As a Universal (i.e. a superior non-physical being) from a dimension other than yours, I am horrified that you (a primitive species!) have gained access to our Thought Archives. I refer to your obvious piracy of the record created by my student, Welkin. Welkin’s final report was recently uploaded to the Archives with the intention of adding exclusive knowledge to OUR data base. How did you manage to hack in?

I strongly suspect that Welkin’s juvenile host, Chloe, contributed to this breach. She should have remained unconscious during Welkin’s occupation, but she proved to be a most challenging human and defied the protocol. Are you acquainted with the frivolous Chloe creature? Did she enable your exposure of Welkin’s findings?

Regardless of the nefarious means by which you obtained this information, I am utterly dismayed at the blithe manner in which you shared it. You exercised little restraint in describing Welkin’s confusion over such trivia as hair, gender, art, and assorted bodily functions. I am outraged by your audacity, most especially because your recounting of Welkin’s journey suggests that being human (i.e.: confined to a skin bag) is a wondrous experience.

In short, your ‘novel’, Destination Human, is dreadfully misleading and I demand that you publish a retraction at once.

Yours in Truth,

Professor Float


Destination Human is written by K. L. Denman; Released September, 2013 with Orca Book Publishers

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I am a children's writer. I write picture books, middle grade novels and graphic novels. Also angry tweets, once in a while.
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