Imagined Controversies: Black and Bittern Was Night by Robert Heidbreder

An ongoing series wherein totally make-believe persons voice their totally fake concerns regarding totally real books written by CWILL BC writers.

black & Bittern

Dear Mr. Writer Hideabreeder,

You call this a Hallowe’en book!
True, it may be written in a jibberish spooky language that only a cat (or kid) can best understand
and it does have a smart, very smart, and kinda cute, I might add, cat in it (but aren’t we all?)
and it does happen at my all time best favourite time of day–NIGHT–
and the kids are smarter than the adults (no surprise here)
and they get candy, which they share (Now that is a surprise for a cat like me!),
and it’s got some neat rhymes, words and sounds,
and the pictures are so cat-kid-funny-friendly
but still it didn’t give me the bad dreams I had hoped for.
Just look at me here after I read the book.

Your faithful fan, (but maybe not for long),



Bob H - author photo

Black and Bittern Was Night, Robert Heidbreder, illus. by John Martz. Kids Can, $16.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-55453-302-2

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I am a children's writer. I write picture books, middle grade novels and graphic novels. Also angry tweets, once in a while.
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