Hunting CWILL BC artwork at YVR

Back in the fall, I dropped off some artwork at YVR as part of a CWILL BC illustration showcase. I don’t have a lot of info on where the work is located, and I think they might move the art around throughout the year, but I was able to locate a case containing two of my pieces when I was in the international departures area in February, thanks to a friend who did some sleuthing for me a few months ago while waiting for his flight to Japan.

We were only able to find one of the cases, and it photographs badly through all the glass. The work is also kind of in stealth mode as they haven’t actually put my name on it, or included a description of what book it’s from. The plaque reads that it is part of the CWILL BC illustration display.

I believe there are a few other CWILL BC members’ work scattered around the terminals  but I don’t have names or locations – so next time you find yourself waiting for a flight, maybe take a stroll around the departures area and see if you can spot it. And if you do, please do leave a comment and let us know who’s work you’ve found, and where it was located.

This is a terrible, terrible photograph I took of my illustrations located near gate 71, International Departures. This is a spread from Dream Boats [Koi, Lilies and Chang Kuo-lao]. The underdrawing is above it.

CWILL BC artwork at YVR

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