Heart of a Champion

heart_of_a_championEllen Schwartz has done it again! In her new book Heart of a Champion (Tundra Books), Schwartz weaves the compelling tale of a young Japanese-Canadian child’s dreams to become a baseball player, against persecution and racism of the time. This excellent historical fiction book gives a face to a dark time in our country when people of Japanese heritage were uprooted from their homes, businesses and careers and sent to internment camps in small rural communities. These people lost everything; everything but hope. Through the eyes of Kenny, a 10 year old Japanese boy and his friendship with Susana, a Jewish girl the reader can begin to understand the prejudice, cruelty and discrimination faced by people of different races and religions.  Ellen’s book is expertly researched and extremely well-written. It is recommended for both children and adults who want an accurate portrayal of the life and times of Jews and Japanese Canadians in the 1940s.

— Shar Levine

Here’s what the Jewish Independent is saying about Heart of a Champion!

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1 Response to Heart of a Champion

  1. KarenAutio says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading Heart of a Champion!

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