Crystal Fish Tales at WORD Vancouver


Visit Crystal Fish Tales’ booth at WORD Vancouver! Celebrate The Perfect Gift, written and illustrated by Cynthia Shuyu Pann:

Have you had trouble thinking of what to get for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Let this story of a young immigrant couple’s love and devotion for each other be your inspiration. This is a story about true love, to be told on this special day that lovers celebrate.


Meet Matea Kulić and Gordana Zikić, the author and illustrator of Bird Song:

Little Bird has a big problem. Not only has she fallen from her nest, she’s forgotten her song! Come along as she finds her way through the forest with its new friends and new songs.

Bird Song is a companion for all children (and adults) who have experienced losing home and, consequently, a sense of self.  Little Bird teaches us how to adapt while remaining faithful to the past.

— Cynthia Shuyu Pann

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One Response to Crystal Fish Tales at WORD Vancouver

  1. Marion says:

    HI Karen,

    Thanks so much for the excellent review you did on “Writing for Children and Young Adults.” You know how it is: you write the book so long before publication that it’s a surprise when someone is actually reading it and giving it a thorough critique.

    I was going to post a link to the schedule on the CWILL website — the CWILL Society page seems the best place– and comment on virtual tours but realize that I only “Reply with comments” and never instigate a post. I can’t see how to do that. Can you give me some direction?

    I’m giving a workshop on Sunday at WORD Vancouver on “Stating Your Story” so I should mention that. And I have the privilege of hosting Uma Krishnaswami, Jordan Stratford and Caroline Adderson at the Quay so I hope members will turn out to here them. They should be fascinating. Thanks.


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