CWILLers at WORD Vancouver 2016


Cynthia Nugent & Lori Sherritt-Fleming

CWILL BC Society was well represented at Western Canada’s largest annual celebration of literacy and reading.  Everywhere you turned, you could meet CWILL authors and illustrators doing colourful presentations for rapt crowds, signing books, sharing stories, supporting their publishers and encouraging you to guess the meaning of a flibbertigibbet.  The entire event was energetic, informative, creative and dynamic.

Tiffany Stone was on the Board of this year’s festival and designed Imagination Island, a place where families could participate in hands on literacy activities.  The CWILL table, showcased the Reading Lights initiative and was manned by volunteer members who spent the day making connections and igniting imaginations.  Special thanks to Cynthia Nugent, Janet Whyte, Suzanne de Montigny, Silvana Goldemberg. Stacey Matson, Caroline Adderson and Barbara Nickel for representing CWILL at the CWILL table which was visited by a record number of people this year!

— Lori Sherritt-Fleming


Stacey Matson


Ellen Schwartz


Stacey Matson & Janet M. Whyte

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